Python on Fedora

Python on Fedora systems

These pages hold the design and development notes for Fedora’s Python SIG (or links to such notes when hosted elsewhere). The main criteria for hosting content here rather than elsewhere (e.g. on the Fedora wiki) is when either:

  1. We want to make it comprehensible to Pythonistas without overwhelming them with the full complexity of Fedora’s change management process
  2. We want to implement some level of review when making changes, rather than requiring live edits to a shared wiki page

Current plans

Key packages & modules

The following packages & modules provide the foundation of the Python developer experience on Fedora and its derivatives, and hence are of direct interest to the Python SIG:

  • python2 (package, module)
  • python3 (package, module)
  • python-pip
  • python-setuptools
  • python-wheel
  • python-rpm-macros
  • python-rpm-generators
  • rewheel (utility to inject system Python packages into virtual environments)
  • pyp2rpm (RPM spec file generator for Python projects)
  • sclo-python (work in progress as a rolling release community SCL for Python 3)

Note: to keep it manageable, this list currently focuses on projects related to shipping the core Python runtime and to integrating Python packaging tools with distro packaging tools. Full enablement of the Python ecosystem requires additional components beyond these core ones (e.g. requests, SQL Alchemy, Django, Flask, mod_wsgi, Jinja2, NumPy, twisted, pytest, nose, sphinx).

Key documentation resources

Updating this site

This site is a Sphinx project maintained as part of the fedora-python organisation on GitHub: fedora-python

The live pages are hosted on ReadTheDocs:

Pushed & merged changes will be automatically published to the live site. To test the docs locally prior to publication (requires sphinx):

cd docs
make html

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